Coloring & Blonding

A World of Color for Your Hair

Colorful Possibilities for Your Locks

Bespoke Hair believes that hair coloring can open up a world of creative possibilities for your locks. Our colorists are passionate about creating stunning, personalized hair color solutions that suit your skin tone, lifestyle, and desired look. From natural highlights to bold shades, we offer a range of hair coloring services to match every taste. Pricing is a la carte – meaning all services have individual prices, as well, some services may require additional charges for time and/or products.

Creative Blonding
*Click here to read more on creative blonding*
$179 – $219
Classic Blonding
*Click here to read more on classic blonding*
Face Framing and T-Zone Blonding $99-$154
Bleach Out $179-$219
Bleach Out Touch Up
*Root Blending
*Additional Lightener/Color
Fantasy Color As Quoted
Refinement Refresh $102-$137



Root Retouch/Grey Coverage $89-$129
Roots to Ends Virgin Color $113-$153
Root Touch Up + Color Refinement $161-$201

*Additional services for blonding

Booking Disclaimer

Every head of hair is unique and just like anything else, it has a history. That’s why it’s important to share with your stylist any important information that may help in giving you the best service possible. When selecting a service provider, take a minute to explore their Instagram. And please reminder, that photos are for inspiration, not duplication. Pricing is based on multiple factors, we use a A La Carte pricing to ensure that services are priced to your specific needs.

Spice up your look with some fresh coloring!

A Bespoke Hair Coloring Journey

Customized Hair Coloring Solutions

At Bespoke Hair, we offer a truly bespoke hair coloring experience, customized to meet each individual’s needs. Whether you are looking to update your natural hair color, cover grays, or just want to try something new, our colorists will work with you to create exactly what you are looking for.

Prioritizing Hair Health Above All

At Bespoke Hair, our top priority is the health of your hair. To ensure we maintain the highest standards of care and deliver the best results, we have decided to discontinue color correction services. This decision allows us to focus on techniques that enhance and preserve the natural beauty and integrity of your hair.

The Science and Art of Hair Coloring

We understand that hair coloring is both a science and an art, which is why we use the latest techniques and products to ensure that your hair looks as beautiful and as healthy as possible. Our colorists are dedicated to using safe and healthy coloring methods, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your hair is in good hands.