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Blonde hair has always held a special charm among many. Whether you want a sun-kissed look or want to make a dramatic statement, choosing the right blonding technique is essential. At Bespoke Hair, your leading San Diego blonding salon, we dive deep into the world of blonding. So, in this blog post we will be comparing two blonding approaches to help you discover which technique fits your personality and lifestyle.

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What is Classic Blonding?

Classic blonding uses traditional techniques to achieve various shades of blonde, from deep golden hues to light, icy tones. Techniques such as highlights, baby lights, and balayage are staples in this category. As your San Diego blonde specialists, we understand that classic blonding is perfect for those who prefer a subtle change and want to enhance their natural hair color. Ideal for creating subtle dimension or softening grey regrowth.

What is Creative Blonding?

Creative blonding merges art with hair styling. This approach uses bold, innovative techniques to create unique, standout looks. Whether it’s adding pastel undertones, vivid streaks, or a mix of traditional techniques with unconventional colors, creative blonding suits those who aren’t afraid to make a statement.

Comparing Techniques and Results

While classic blonding might be ideal for those with busy schedules, creative blonding provides a vibrant, unique look that reflects personal style. The choice between these techniques often comes down to the desired maintenance level and how much one is willing to express themselves through their hair. As a top San Diego blonding salon, we guide our clients through choosing the right style that aligns with their lifestyle and desired upkeep.

Pros and Cons of Each Technique

Classic Blonding Pros

– Timeless and elegant
– Low maintenance and cost-effective over time
– Suitable for all ages and professions

Classic Blonding Cons

– Limited to natural color spectrum
– May be too subtle for those desiring a bold change

Creative Blonding Pros

– Highly personalized and unique
– Vibrant, eye-catching results
– Artistic expression through hair

Creative Blonding Cons

– Higher maintenance and cost
– Frequent salon visits required

Bespoke Hair’s Approach to Blonding in San Diego

At Bespoke Hair, we understand that designing a personalized blonde to match your lifestyle requires a creative touch. As one of your leading blonde specialists in San Diego, our stylists invest heavily in their education, with courses costing between $500 and $2,500, to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques. We offer distinct blonding options to set clear expectations before your appointment. We also ask the right questions to create a lasting style and provide tailored guidance on maintenance and home care.

Choosing the Right Blonding Appointment

To help you best determine which service to schedule, we have gathered some info to assist you below.


Am I looking to create subtle dimensions in my natural hair?

Has it been 4-8 weeks since my last blonding session?

Am I looking to soften regrowth for grey coverage?


Am I looking for a drastic change from my current look?

Has it been longer than 8 weeks since my last blonding session?

Do I desire specific techniques or a unique outcome?


Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of classic blonding or a bold look with creative blonding, the perfect shade of blonde awaits you at Bespoke Hair, your trusted San Diego blonding salon. With Bespoke’s consultations and expert guidance, we’re here to help you achieve the blonde hair of your dreams.

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