Why We No Longer Do Color Corrections

Bespoke Hair Will Not Offer Color Correction Services

Through our years of experience at Bespoke Hair, we’ve come to understand the challenges of color correction, which can often lead to unpredictable results because of varied hair histories. This has led us to a decision: we no longer offer color correction services. Let us explain why.

Challenges of Color Correction

Color correction is a highly skilled service that requires navigating previous color treatments, which can range from overlapping blonde applications that cause breakage and porosity, to dark pigments over blonded hair, and more. Each scenario presents unique challenges such as:

  • Unpredictable outcome, impossible to guarantee results.
  • Costly due to products used and indeterminate techniques.
  • Further damage and poor outcome.

Focusing on What We Do Best

After much consideration, we’ve decided to step back from offering color correction services. This decision allows us to focus more on services where we can predict and guarantee results, ensuring that every visit to our salon is a memorable and satisfying experience. We want to spend our time with you enhancing your natural beauty and crafting looks that leave you feeling brand new.

Moving Forward

We understand this change might disappoint some. However, we believe it’s a necessary step to maintain the quality and satisfaction that you’ve come to expect from Bespoke Hair. We encourage you to consult with our talented stylists who are more than happy to discuss alternative solutions and creative ways to achieve a look that you’ll love. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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