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In the world of hair extensions San Diego, there are two popular choices to choose from. At Bespoke Hair our team is certified in weft and tape applications. The two are different types of extension application types. Understanding the differences between these two techniques is crucial when it comes to selecting the one that suits you. In this blog post we will explain each of them to help you make a more informed decision. 

Weft Hair Extensions San Diego

Weft hair extensions involve attaching a curtain of hair, known as a weft, to your natural hair. This is done by essentially sewing the weft into small braided sections of your hair or by using microbeads for a bead-and-sew technique. This type of application is best for those with thick hair. It’s also great because this type of application will make your extensions last you much longer. 

Tape Hair Extensions San Diego

Tape-in hair extensions involve attaching thin strips of hair to sections of your natural hair. The extensions are applied using medical-grade adhesive tape. This is a great hair extension technique for those with fine to medium hair, those seeking very quick application, and easy removal. 

Choosing the Right Method for You

Make sure to find the right application technique for you. Your stylist will definitely help you with this. However, just so you know how the decision is made, we will recap which is better for who.

Weft Hair Extension

Weft hair extensions is best for those with thick hair. It’s also best for those who seek a longer lasting look. Keep in mind, this type of application might make your hair feel a bit heavier due to the sewing. 

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are best for fine to medium hair. It also won’t last you as long as weft hair extensions which is great for those who prefer to change up their look more frequently. Lastly, tape hair extensions tend to be very lightweight compared to weft hair extensions. 


Choosing between our weft hair extensions San Diego and our tape hair extensions San Diego ultimately depends on your hair type and preferences. To make the best choice, follow our small guide we put together above. Of course, it’s best to consult with a professional stylist to assess your which technique is best for you.

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