The Ultimate Guide to All Over Color

Your All Over Questions Answered + What’s Trending

Welcome to Bespoke Hair, where we specialize in creating breathtaking transformations with all over color. If you’re considering a change that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of all over color, answering the most common questions and showcasing some of the most popular shades we offer. From medium brown to wine red and everything in between, let’s explore the magic of all-over hair color together.

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What is All Over Color?

All over hair color, also known as single-process color, involves applying a uniform shade of color to your entire head of hair. Unlike highlights or balayage, which add dimension and contrast with lighter pieces, all-over color creates a seamless, consistent hue from root to tip. It’s a fantastic option for those looking to change their hair color completely or refresh their existing shade with a vibrant boost of color.

Does All Over Color Include Bleach?

Unlike highlighting techniques that often require bleach to lighten sections of hair, all over color typically does not involve bleach. Instead, a permanent or semi-permanent hair dye is used to deposit color onto the hair shaft, resulting in a new base color that covers the entire head evenly. 

All Over Color vs. Highlights

Both all over color and highlights offer stunning results, but they serve different purposes and cater to different preferences. All over color provides uniform coverage and depth, making it ideal for those seeking a solid, consistent hair color. On the other hand, highlights add dimension and contrast to the hair, creating a multi-dimensional look with lighter pieces woven throughout. Ultimately, the choice between all over color and highlights depends on your desired outcome and personal style.

Popular All Over Hair Colors at Our San Diego Hair Coloring Salon

Medium Brown Hair Color

A timeless classic that flatters a wide range of skin tones, medium brown hair color adds warmth and richness to your hair.

Golden Brown Hair Color

Infused with shimmering golden undertones, this sun-kissed shade brightens up your complexion and exudes effortless beauty.

Light Ash Brown Hair Color

For those craving a cooler tone, light ash brown offers a chic and sophisticated look with hints of ashy undertones.

Cinnamon Brown Hair Color

Spice up your style with cinnamon brown hair color, a warm and inviting hue that adds depth and dimension to your hair.

Darkest Brown Hair Color

Make a bold statement with the darkest brown hair color, a deep and intense shade that commands attention and exudes confidence.

Blue Black Hair Color

Channel your inner rebel with blue black hair color, a strikingly cool shade that captivates with its mysterious allure.

Soft Black Hair Color

Achieve understated elegance with soft black hair color, a versatile and flattering shade that complements any skin tone.

Jet Black Hair Color

Embrace timeless sophistication with jet black hair color, a rich and luxurious color that exudes glamour and allure.

Dark Cherry Red Hair Color

Add a touch of drama to your look with dark cherry red, a sultry and seductive shade that commands attention wherever you go.

Red Copper Hair Color

Infused with fiery undertones, red copper hair color radiates warmth and vitality, making a bold statement with its vibrant color.

Wine Red Hair Color

Indulge in the richness of wine red, a deep and decadent shade that evokes passion and romance with its velvety finish.


With so many stunning options to choose from, all over color offers endless possibilities for transforming your look and expressing your unique style. Whether you’re craving a subtle change or a bold statement, Bespoke Hair is here for your all your hair coloring needs. Book your appointment today and let our stylists help you discover the perfect all over color for you. We can be best reached by phone at (619)238-4711. You can also book an online appointment here.

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